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Matt Poe enables you to become "The Brain" on sports performance development topics and corporate topics of health, wellness, and disease management.

Matt Poe is the "Brain" behind your "X".

In today’s sports world of instant gratitude and overwhelming information on every subject from bench pressing and the “40 yard dash” to packed cell volume and the secrets behind hip flexibility, you, the sports participant or sports enthusiast, has many directions to turn for correct knowledge. 

In the corporate world, achieving the “edge” over your competition and the wellness of your employees, is most important in today’s world and ever challenging economy. Rumors on correct ergonomics to what food is good to increase “presenteeism” is ever flowing in the corporate community.

  • Did you know that most websites that supply information to you have a very high probability of offering material that is totally subjective and outdated based on antidotes and non-peer reviewed or referenced information?
  • Did you know that in the athletic arenas sports performance development information is changing every day as results from years of studies are now being distributed to the public?
  • Did you know that the FDA approves no supplement on the market today unless the manufacturer introduces a new ingredient?
  • Did you know that sustaining lumbar and cervical lordosis and thoracic kyphosis during the day at your workstation is a fundamental principle in decreasing workman comp claims of the spine?

Matt Poe is prepared to help you become the “AUTHORITY” in your world of sports information, healthcare, and motivation. Matt will design, research, write, and/or answer your questions needed to help you become a better athlete, a better coach, or develop a more educated healthcare environment for your employees. Also See Healthcare In The Main Navigation

Matt applies his writings in three major delivery systems:

  1. Motivational Speaking – If your company or athletic team needs the ability to “Create Separation”, Matt can leverage his 16 years of coaching an over 25 years of competing into a motivational platform that is sure to increase production in both sports and life.
  2. Corporations – If you are a corporation seeking material to motivate your workforce, to educate your workforce on health and wellness, or to help your workforce to become more compliant with industry standards of conduct, Matt can supply you with the individualized resources to make you, the employer, the “Brain” behind “X” material.
  3. Customized Publications –If you are a magazine, a newspaper, an athletic department, or media outlet, Matt can write and customize any topic of interest in a customized publication focused on your sports or healthcare audience.
  4. Seminars – Matt has traveled the world giving seminars on sports performance development, powerlifting, and healthcare. If your interest lies in sports performance education or health promotion to the participants in your space, Matt can deliver an educational and active seminar to accommodate all sports on all levels and all corporate needs relative to healthcare.

Begin your journey today to become the “Brain” behind the “X” in this abundant world of information.