Let's discuss the spoils of poor posture!!

From my experiences, I have been taught by physical therapists and others that this posture position is very similar to the fetal position. I have encountered these posture problems in many corporate accounts. There is always some poor person who sticks out like a sore thumb who really has no idea of why these postural deviations are taking place.

The people I have seen who have this dysfunction tend to stay in a fetal position which the lumbar spine flexes and immediately reduces normal lordosis (Neumann 9). As they leave work, their day to day conditioning in this position lends hand to sleep in that position, eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in that position, driving in that position, and sits at home in that position, sometimes never noticing the “bad” conditioning away from work as well.

The long term and day to day flexion of the lumbar basically transfers the load to the intervertebral discs which throws the head forward as well. As result, a decreased strength in the core develops as well as a decrease in core stability. The hip flexors also become very tight and weak as well as the entire hip process starts to fire with shorter contractions which facilitates gait problems as the person walks in regular activities.

From my experience, we are basically talking about “lower crossed syndrome” and “upper crossed syndrome”. Lower crossed syndrome, in essence means that this “fetal type position” is a formula for tight hip flexors again, tight erector spinae, and weak or inhibited glutes and again weak or inhibited abdominals. This situation is a kinetic chain nightmare. The slouching produces weak abs which tighten the hip flexors and in turn place enormous amounts of stress on the erector spinae.

Think About It!!!