Strongman Poe To Return To The

2018 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic


Asked, “Is it worth it at age 45 to sacrifice mental and physical stress to train again for a feat of strength”?

“First of all, it is humbling, and, I am grateful to still be considered relevant… of course, I love it……..”Payin anything to roll the dice just one more time”….as Journey would say…is worth it to me …”

Matt Poe will have the responsibility of overhead lifting for Randy Richey’s Omega Force Strength Team at this year’s 2018 Arnold Classic on March 3, Saturday night, in Columbus, Ohio with his feature lift being cleaning from the floor and then pressing overhead for repetitions fabricated, steel renditions of antique wagon wheels weighing in at an approximated 300 plus pounds.


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Poe will use the grueling pushpress technique which has been successful for him in the past. In the strongman universe, lifting odd implements over the head is considered a challenge in balance and core strength, in spatial awareness, and in efficient movements. 300 pound plus implements often times feel like 400 pound loads

Poe expresses, “To be back with the team is very exciting! These guys are awesome lifters! I have learned something from them every time we have done a show together.  The team is made up of some of the best past and present lifters in their respective categories. Clint Poore, Brian Gardner, Randy Richey, and host of other hosses are spectacular lifters. To lift heavy weights in the gym is one thing, but to entertain with heavy weights on stage is another. One slight miscalculation can mean injury or failure. Only seasoned professionals can pull it off….”

Poe goes on to say, “I admire all of these guys. To remain on the radar as an overhead specialist is a huge compliment from Randy. He is not only a great friend, but also, has been an inspirational mentor to me over the years. He has literally changed thousands of people’s lives through his ministry via the power of weight lifting, strongman, and odd feats of strength. Plus, Randy is one of the strongest men I have ever been around. Randy is a great human being”.

Randy explains that about 10 years ago, Matt’s name was brought up to him several times and his name was brought up to Matt several times through Ernie “The Snake Hunter” Lanier (Former WWF “Lumberjack Lanier” and Champion Powerlifter) , Matt’s former coach’s best friend, Chuck “The Truck” Braxton”. Throughout the years, Randy and Matt have done shows all across USA. Randy stresses that, “Matt is a class act”.

Matt’s own father, Martin Poe, a renowned strength coach, football coach, and lifter started the domino effect by introducing Matt to Chuck at age 16. “Without my father, I probably would have never crossed paths with any of these men”, says Poe. “Something that I will always be grateful…Chuck was my best friend and died on the platform my junior year in high school…one of the saddest days of my life even to this day”.

According to Randy, “Matt made himself a worldwide name with his pressing techniques. His pressing capabilities are exceptional and have been well into the 400 pounds. Matt was a very successful strongman and very successful in the “strength crowd”.  His name and reputation has helped to spread the word of God. He has great showmanship and a great attitude with no arrogance. His fun loving spirit adds fun to the team”.

The Snake Hunter adds, “I have done a lot with Matt over the years. He is known for his laser focus, his unwavering technique, his drive to lift while injured, and his ability to manage his intensity during training. He is one of the best natural and drug free overhead pressers I have ever seen”.

Poe laughs , “I was never near being the best in the past and definitely not now...but I try my best to act like it when I need to….sometimes failing and sometimes being successful….I have pressed motorcycles, snakes, barrels, and people over my head. I cannot wait to battle the wagon wheels and be part of a great show with Randy and the Team”.

Poe makes it very clear, “I consider myself one of the most blessed guys in the IRONGAME to have and have had four great men and mentors in my life---  my father, Chuck, Ernie, and Randy.




One last question, “How do you think you will do never having attempted the lift in person and just training for it in the weightroom”?

Poe says, “The art of visualization must be used. I visualize what the lift might feel and look like in all of its phases. I complete the lift a thousand times in my head every day . With God’s will, I’ll crush it….”.

Note: Poe made his signature “Barrel Lift” two days in a row at the Arnold Classic in 2011 exactly one year and a half after breaking his back with the help of Randy Richey after he was told by spine doctor specialists that he would never lift a broomstick over his head again.

Unreal!!! Good luck Poe!