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Hope Hines Interview On Sports Line With Matt Poe

Matt Poe offers solutions in the areas of sports performance development and rehabilitation for athletes, corporate wellness and disease management, healthcare consulting, and ancillary components of sports entertainment. He is credited in starting the business of sport specific speed development for athletes in Tennessee in the private sector. In his his 23rd year as a practitioner, Matt Poe is considered by his peers and his clients as one of the top Sport Performance Specialists in the United States for professional and amateur athletes in all sports. He has worked with athletes all over the United States and other countries as well as executing camps, seminars, and demonstrations.

Matt has extensive experience with Special Operations Command Personnel and Special Forces Personnel teaching life saving skillsets in cold water and movement development on various terrains. Matt continues to work with armed forces and military contracting companies in many different aspects from operations organization to medical program implementation and defragmentation. 

Matt's healthcare consulting company, Tracktion Healthcare, concentrates in building therapeutic service lines and well as aiding in improvement of existing services lines with a high focus in technology. Matt's experience has given him the opportunity to serve as temporary CEO for hospitals. 

Recently nominated by Governor Bill Haslam, Matt serves on the United States Selective Service Board. Matt also serves on the Rally Foundation's Board for childhood cancer research. Matt aided in the original chapter formation in Tennessee.

He is a University of Tennessee graduate, football letterman, former weightligting record holder for the Vols in 1992, 1993, and 1994, and a former All Academic Southeastern Conference athlete.


Matt holds a Master of Science Degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion with a Concentration in Sports Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention from California University of Pennsylvania. Matt graduated with highest honors with a 4.0 grade point average. 


He also holds a certification from the National Strength Coaches Association as a:

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

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He also holds a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a:

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist.


 He holds a certification from the American College Of Sports Medicine/American Cancer Society as a:

  • Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer.


 He is a certified Track and Field coach through USA Track and Field specializing in Sprinting.


He holds certifications from the International Sports Science Association as a:

  • Specialist in Sport Conditioning
  • Specialist in Sport Performance Nutrition
  • Specialist in Fitness Therapy
  • Specialist in Youth Fitness.


He is certified through the National Association of Speed and Explosion as:

  • A Specialist In Speed And Explosion



Athletically, Matt is currently an active United States Weightlifting Champion and is known for his outstanding Pushpress. He currently holds records in the Pushpress at The Atlantis Strongest Man in America Contest in Boston, Massachusetts , The Strongest Man in Texas Competition in Dallas, Texas, and the "Barrel Press" at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic in Columbus, Ohio. He recently pressed one of the World’s Largest Burmese Pythons over his head, a strength feat that had never been attempted by anyone in the world. Matt often travels with Randy Richey's Christian Ministry Omega Force Strength Team across the United States demonstrating over head lifts to crowds of all ages.



Bill Kazmaier, 3 Time World's Strongest Man and World's Strongest Man Commentator, calls Matt, "The Pushpress King".


Ed Coan, The Best Powerlifter Ever, says, "Matt Poe does Overhead Presses like most men Benchpress".



Matt is a member of the former Power Systems Total Training Team which educated other professionals in the field of sport performance development and variable fitness fields. He has also been a featured presenter in 2008 and 2009 for the American Fitness Professionals and Associates Conference in Ocean City, MD. He has also is on the Advisory Board for the American Fitness and Professionals and Associates.



He has been recently interviewed by Pulitzer Prize winner Jere Longman of The New York Times in reference to the "Tommy John" injury concerning the misguided views of this popular surgery in amateur and professional baseball. Matt also conducted the study that was printed on the front page of The New York Times. 

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He has been in partnership with St.Thomas Health Services and Baptist Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee where he had programs available for sports performance and post therapeutic protocols. Matt has been in partnership with University Medical Center in Lebanon, Tennessee where he was sponsored by the hospital to present "Strength for the Game™", a program focusing on the ill effects of steroids and the safe alternatives. His speed camps have been offered through the YMCA of Tennessee as well.

coaching_picture_in_mexico Matt has been involved with the NFL on Tour, the Word Wrestling Federation/XFL Axcess Tour, MTV's Show "Made", and "Life and Sports" camp in Monterey, Mexico with his program "Speed for the Game™" which has been sponsored by Sports Illustrated and Spalding.


Matt is the inventor and designer of the "SPEEDLINEUSA™" and the "Poe Course Distance Formulas™". He has been frequently contracted by Jarrard and Ingram Public Relations Firm in the area of sports marketing.


He formerly served a three year chair as the Public Relations Representative for the National Football League Players Association Retired Chapter in Nashville, Tennessee. 


Matt also founde and sold Orthoceuticals. Orthoceuticals is a full line of supplements for sports and life concentrating on soft tissue repair, bone hardening, joint integrity, and sports performance. His PSP system for athletes and patients is used on a national level.

He continues to be a guest and host on television and radio sports shows across the United States.

Matt lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee and Seacrest Beach, Florida.