Achieve Your “Optimal Position NOW!


The difference in your success and your failure is achieving your “OPTIMAL POSITION” relative to your specific sport movement NOT regressing through your “maximal position”.

Our Goal is to get you to your “OPTIMAL POSITION” through Matt Poe’s Optimal Position Recognition System.

Matt Poe offers video analysis of all sports performance movements in the weightroom, on the platform, and on the field of play.

Advantage of the Movement Analysis System

  1. 18 years of video analysis from Matt Poe.
  2. You have direct access and feedback from Matt Poe.
  3. Your analysis is “athlete movement specific”---NO CANNED RESONSES.
  4. Your improvement is designed in a “personalized systematic method".

Past Requests From Real Clients

  1. Please analyze my downward movement in my squat (High School Freshman).
  2. Can you look at my starting position out of a forty-yard dash (NFL Combine athlete).
  3. Please tell me if my daughter is skipping in a correct manner (6th Grade Soccer Player).
  4. Check out our team’s practice warm-up (NFL Strength Coach).
  5. Can you please look at my form in the snatch (Recreational Athlete).

It is easy for the athlete!

1. Request an “Optimal Position Recognition Information Form” which includes pricing.

2. Follow the directions.

3. Send video to Matt Poe via “Private YouTube URL”, “Google Drive URL”, or through other viewable means.


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